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Steno-K+ NotationwriteFAST!
Steno-K+ Notation
reduceswriting strokes
 to a minimum

Steno-K+ Notation

makes note-taking



3X faster

with letters of the alphabet+

6 lines+1 apostrophe+1 comma
4X faster
with abbreviations+short cuts

On sale in 2023
- English Spelling HELL!
- the Steno-K+ Notation Kit+Game
- 3 Steno-K+ Notation workshops
- the K+ eWriting

With Steno-K+ Notation
you *don't* write it down
you jot it down

THEN, you type it up
at your convenience

You only need ...
1. a pen (preferably a fountain pen as it glides easily)
2. a steno pad (no laptop to lug around+risk having it lost or stolen)

Spelling HELL!

with English SPELLING
1. it renders reading difficult
2. it makes correct pronunciation
2. a challenge

These two (2) problems make
English-learning difficult

The "genius" of Steno-K+ Notation is that
it concentrates on English sounds.

Steno-K+ Notation ignores English spelling
until the notes are
transcribed into English. Then,
a spell will
correct any spelling mistakes.

The ease of Steno-K+ Notation allows you to
"readily" concentrate on the intellectual work of the

Steno-K+ Notation into English
makes for easy editing.

About spelling, to pronouce a word correctly,
you need to be able to decipher the spelling of the
word and to write it correctly you need to
how to correctly spell it.

The more the spelling "corresponds" to the sounds
expressed in the word, the easier it is to master the
language. Italian and Spanish are good examples of
languages whose spelling corresponds to the vocal
expression of the word making them easy to
learn. This is why Spanish will replace English
as "the lingua franca" of the world.

However, in English the correspondence between
the spelling of the word and its pronunciation is
so low that it makes learning English the most
difficult language
to learn. (The "other" difficulty
is syllabic - primary and secondary - stress.)

K+ publication "English Spelling
HELL!" will clearly demonstrate this in detail.

It will show
how Steno-K+ Notation
"demystifies" the barriers to correct English pronunciation+
easy reading of difficult words by transcribing the sounds

The "insight" it provides into English spelling makes this
publication a "must-have".

Spend the $$$+time+energy learning
Steno-K+ Notation.

Steno-K+ Notation,

It's an inve$tmentin your future

The Steno-K+ Notation products
though - a bit expensive - in order to limit demand,
are well worth the $$$.

Need to write it down?
makes itfun+e-z.
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Kenneth Selin say'leen
K+ President
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B.Admin., B.Comm.(Honours),
B.A.(Italian) B.A.(Italien) magna cum laude

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