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"Nothing helps scenery like ham and eggs."
   - Mark Twain

Did u no?
33% of U.S. employees fail at writing. Whether
it's an e-mail memo or a complex report, fully
1/3 of the U.S. workforce does
not meet the
minimum writing requirements 4their jobs ac-
cording 2a College Board's National Commis-
sion survey on writing. The survey was done
with 64companies across 6industries repre-
senting 4,000,000 employees: mining+con-
ities+services+finance+insurance+real estate.

Did u no?
The major writing problems 4them r accuracy+
ciseness. Susan Traiman, director of the edu-
cation initiative for the Business Roundtable,
says: There's no way to say that writing has
gotten worse: the demand has gotten greater.

Tip: improving your writing skills (stringing

verbs+nouns+adjectives together 
        2make a sense) will payoff because
        more than 1/2 the companies surveyed
        said they do assess writing skills when
they make hiring+promotion decisions.

"Every writer approaches the day's work in
  different ways:
I have always needed space
  and silence to pull inside myself
before I
up the pen. (Yes, I still write with pen
  and real ink.)
This pulling inside may take
  an hour or a morning, I know it's
  while I'm d
ripping coffee through a hand-
  filter; I know 
that in some unforced way, I
  am readying m
yself to face the empty
page not as easy as one might believe."

  - Frances Itani


"If they give you ruled paper,
write the other way."
 - E. E. Cummings

Tips on getting organized ...


"As a rule, men worry more about what

 they caN'T see than about what they can."
  - Julius Caesar

Tip: censorship occurs when someone
not allowed 2 voice an opinion


"Every man a king!"
 - Huey Long, Governor of Louisiana, 1928

"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles
  the world."

   - Albert Einstein

"There are no beginnings, noteven to stories.
  There are
only places where you make an en-
  trance into someone
else's life and either stay
  or turn and go away."

   - Timothy Findley, Canadian writer


"Reading is the means by which the world does
  a large part of its work ... .
The slightest improve-
  ment either in the page or in the method of rea-
means a great service to the human race."

   - E. B. Huey, 1908 - 1968

Did u no?
The pop culture comic book super
like flying Superman draw on
the legendary heroes of Greek+Roman
mythology possessing great strength like
Hercules, having flying horses
Bellerophon's Pegasus, even
themselves like Hermes with
his winged sandals.

Reading motivation program (Grades K-8) (FREE)

Center for Environmental Literacy


Did u no?
According 2 a 2003 Harris Poll the #1 leisure
activity is reading 26% of the time, followed
by watching television 15% of the time -- a
whopping 35% drop from just 2 years ago.

Public Libraries - USA

American Library Association

The Public's Library+Digital Archive

The Universal Digital Library

The Internet Public Library
search engine

43,500+ libraries, 86 countries - multilingual


"Books are good enough in their own way,
 but they are a mighty bloodless substitute
 for life."

  - Robert Louis Stevenson


Did u no?
The word archetype ('r-keh-type) is 
an important notion in litterature: it re-
fers 2an original model, form, or pattern
that is easy recognized. (4example, the
chetypical villain wears black+comes
on2 the stage from the left while the
archetypical hero wears white+enters
the stage from the right.)


the classics
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The British Library


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